Fast, reliable data connectivity

Your data connectivity strategy will be shaped by a number of factors that are unique to your business. Our role is to understand your business and identify the right broadband for your solutions now and in the months (even years) ahead.


Business Broadband

Speed, reliability and security are critical to all businesses. As experts, we unravel the pricing and benefits of market options so that you can make the right choice for you:

ADSL Business Broadband: not all providers are the same. We will help you achieve the fastest speed possible for your location(s), offering ADSL Business Broadband where FTTC (fibre) is not available.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC): this is an ideal solution for high speed, day-to-day broadband use. Unlimited data, static IP addresses and more.

Where available, our FTTC, low cost fibre business broadband offers up to 80Mbps downspeed and up to 20Mbps upspeed.

Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC): this is a good solution for high speed, day-to-day broadband use. Unlimited data, static IP addresses and more. Uncontended connectivity with guaranteed ‘fix’ times in the event of a fault.

Resilient EoFTTC business broadband offers up to 20Mbps up and downspeed and up to 80Mbps ‘burst’ downspeed.

Fibre Ethernet: the ultimate choice for speed and resilience. In the event of any faults, Fibre Ethernet is supported with 7-hour ‘fix’ times, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Uncontended connectivity with speeds up to 1GB up and downspeed.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS): suited to businesses that want to secure the privacy of their data across business sites and remote working locations.

4G Solutions: If your business is located where only slow speed connectivity is available, subject to 4G availability, we can put you back on the grid with high-speed solutions for both short term and permanent use.

Stay connected, stay safe

WiFi: Connect your office, restaurant, café, hotel or even your home with multi-access point solutions (otherwise known as Wi-Fi). We install systems such as Open-Mesh, Ubiquiti and Draytek, tailoring accessibility and passwords to suit your security preferences. For larger installations, we can also offer tax-efficient leasing facilities to reduce your monthly outgoings.

Infrastructure cabling: Reliable network infrastructure is key for speed and resilience in your connectivity. We work with clients to plan, implement and install full CAT5, CAT6 and fibre-cabling solutions for your business and large, at-home installations.

CCTV: Stay safer with full CCTV supply and installation. We offer extensive business multi-camera solutions for larger sites as well as home CCTV installations.