Voice calls for the 21st Century

A reliable telephone line is a ‘must have’ for every business, but the clarity of your calls is just the beginning. We take time to meet with you at your workplace so that we can thoroughly understand your business and advise you on call handling and other ways to manage communications effectively.


We have made it our business to design robust, secure and cost effective telephone systems for our clients. As independent communication experts, we listen first to your requirements and evaluate the comparative strategies to help you make the right choice for your business:

Line & Calls

At its simplest, our role is to keep your lines of communication open and secure. We are here to guide you on how to choose ISDN, Analogue, SIP trunking or VoIP options. Moving to DWD Telecoms from your current provider is simple; we handle the move from start to finish, ensuring that there’s no hassle or disruption of service for you or your customers.

It’s easy to ask for help. With one single phone number, you can call us to resolve any questions or difficulties along the way.


PBX vs SIP trunking: We see it as our job to help you choose between the benefits and capabilities of PBX, SIP trunking or VoIP in terms of initial costs, hardware requirements, integration with your IT systems and running costs.

Session Initiation Protocol is the Internet’s alternative to PBX so it’s great for channelling mobile, fixed line callers, audio and video through the same lines. 

We supply, install and maintain systems from world class manufacturers such as Panasonic and LG. Our full leasing facilities give our clients the benefit of tax-efficient rental solutions, while minimising the need for capital expenditure on your communications strategy.

ISDN telephone systems: reliable and high quality telephone lines that work with legacy ‘traditional’ telephone systems. What more could you want? We will help you evaluate the risks of higher rental costs, geographically limited number options and longer ‘fix’ times.

VoIP Cloud hosted systems: flexible, cost-effective and scalable. VoIP telephone systems grow with your business, from a single user up to 250 users.

VoIP offers the potential to integrate data and voice calls with staff working on and off-site on telephones, mobiles, PCs, laptops and tablets. We will help you determine if your broadband connection is sufficiently robust to support a reliable VoIP system.

Choosing Hosted VoIP services provides your business with inclusive calls, low monthly payments and low (or nil) capital expenditure.

Call Handling

Known in the industry as ‘inbound services’, call handling is all about improving your customers’ experience of calling you. We can help you devise and implement a call handling strategy that will help you respond effectively to calls at any time of the day or night.

Call routing, queuing, divert options and attendant announcements are all tools in our kit bag of ways for managing inbound calls when you are busy, closed, running marketing campaigns or even in disaster recovery mode.